Stop Dreaming of Success – Start Using it to Your Advantage

Are you using “success” as a powerful marketing tool? If not, you could be wasting an incredible resource. Smart marketers save money and make money by leveraging their resources – especially the resources ignored by the competition.

Perhaps you only considered success as a goal – or that state of euphoria upon reaching the goal. There are many experts who will tell you how to achieve success. This article will show you how to use success – how to leverage your own success, use other people’s success and create more success.

Think about ways that you might use success as a marketing tool. Remember that the purpose of your marketing is to help you sell more. Effective marketing should: 1.Grab Attention, 2.Demonstrate value and/or 3.Build Relationships. Success stories could help you in all three ways.

Some fundamentals about success: Many of us are constantly chasing success. Most of us have achieved various degrees of success. Most of us like to be around successful people. Most of us like to hear or read stories of success. (That’s why this issue is so popular.) Success is relative – you might be disappointed with results that I feel were successful. Success does not necessarily mean winning the race – just ask any marathon runner.

Leverage Your Success Stories

Let’s start with your most important success stories – the testimonials from your customers. Those success stories are the most powerful tools to persuade others to buy from you because they demonstrate value better than any other form of marketing. If you have been in business for any length of time you must have satisfied customers and raving fans. If you don’t have both – then you have a bigger problem.

You must have a system in place to encourage, collect and publish your testimonials. For more on how to put that system together read my article, “Testimonials: The Power of Your Customers’ Comments” from the Apr/May 2005 issue of Enterprise.

Celebrate your milestones – because major success is always the result of a series of triumphs. Announce your 100th or 1,000th customer. Celebrate your first, fifth or 10th year in business. (Enterprise will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next year. Watch for the party!)

Herald the opening of a new location, a new product launch, a significant contract or a new partnership. All of these are success stories.

When you win awards or receive special recognition – tell everyone. Tell everyone about the awards for which you were nominated but didn’t place first (remember the marathon runner).

Use Other People’s Success

A smart investor will tell you that the best money to invest with is other people’s money. A savvy entrepreneur will learn from other peoples’ mistakes. And an enterprising marketer will use other peoples’ success.

Start again with your customers. Discover their success stories. Brag about your customers’ successes. Sponsor notices that congratulate your customers on their successes. Imagine how excited your future customers will be about doing business with you when they see how you honour your customers.

Share in the success of others, especially prospects and clients, by sending a note or gift of congratulations on their achievements. Or invite them for coffee or lunch – then ask them to talk about their success. Successful people love to talk about how they did it. This is a powerful relationship building technique for you.

Successful people associate with successful people. You can enhance your success image by associating with successful people. That might be the professional or trade associations to which you belong. That could be the charity or community cause you support. But be sure to avoid whiners and losers – because you are who you associate with.

Why do successful sports stars make more money from product endorsements than from playing the sport? Because big companies are hoping that some of the “magical success dust” will rub off on their product. You can tap into this “success dust” at no cost.

An almost infinite resource is the public domain of success stories. These are success stories that you can easily leverage. For example: hold a special promotion to celebrate the win of your local sports team; commemorate the battle of Vimy Ridge; rift off the lessons of Lance Armstrong; connect your anniversary date to a famous entertainer etc.

Another way to use other peoples’ success is to agree with them – or show how they agree with you. That’s why many public speakers like to quote famous people. It allows the speaker to leverage the credibility of the famous person. For example if you quote Einstein then because you agree with his ideas that would suggest that Einstein “agrees” with you.

Tap the power of written success by forwarding copies to those you want to build relationships with. For example, if you enjoy articles from this magazine send a copy to your prospects of that article along with a short note. Of course it would be even better if you bought them a gift subscription. That way you could follow up with your prospect after every issue just to discuss the latest articles. It’s a classy inexpensive gift.

You can leverage the success of a famous author by giving prospects the gift of a book. When you give a book as a gift always include a short note and your signature inside. Imagine how your image is built when you give the gift of a “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”, “The Tipping Point” or “Secrets of Power Marketing”! If you buy in bulk you can often get a discount from the publisher or author.

Create More Success

There is a synergy to success. If you start doing more of the above, you will be more successful. If you focus on success instead of the obstacles you will enjoy more success. If you are thinking about, talking about and broadcasting success – others will perceive you to be more successful. And we would rather do business with successful people. Enjoy your success!